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Learning To Drive and Passing your Test in a Minibus (Category D1 Driving Licence)

If you're considering a career as a minibus driver, T and S Training will provide you with all the knowledge and skills that you will need, to pass your driving test for the minibus driving licence (D1).

Our driving courses will give you practical skills to pass your test and also we will guide you through the process for permit applications, calculation of laden weights etc. we also provide initial and periodic driver CPC training courses with CPC case study preparation.
We have been providing minibus lessons in Ireland since 2002 and four priority is your safety and the safety of other road users that you encounter.

A category D1 licence will allow you to drive a minibus having passenger accommodation of more than eight people was not more than 16 people. Our minibus is for transit which is easy to drive and master learner vehicle.

We specialise in learners who are dyslexic or have other learning difficulties. We also cater for nervous drivers.

We have case study scenarios which will help you pass your D1 driving test. We also have question and answer samples for case study scenarios.

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